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edition 03/2024

Dear HypZert valuers,

The month of March not only means the start of spring in meteorological terms, but also the promise of warmer days and more sunshine. First, however, we look back on a successful Annual Convention on 20 and 21 February in Wiesbaden.

Topics in today's issue:

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Yours Nadine Roggendorf and Reiner Lux 
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HypZert Annual Convention
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HypZert Annual Convention: Review of a wonderful event in the "Nice of the North"

Is the atmosphere more optimistic than the circumstances? As a visitor to the Annual Convention in Wiesbaden, you could certainly get that impression. 
Although property prices and the number of property transactions may have fallen significantly recently after a very long period of highs, there were few worried faces to be seen at the industry meeting for property valuers in the German financial sector. Around 1,800 certified valuers and other industry representatives from Germany and abroad exchanged views in numerous specialist seminars and discussion panels in the Hessian state capital or via online stream. 

As usual, you can find the slides of all presentations and your confirmation of participation in your Valuers Corner library.

There are also some photographic impressions here. Feel free to take a look.

You can find the complete review and some video footage here.

Peggy Seehaus     For more information please contact
Peggy Seehaus
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Are your personal details still up to date?

New employer, new address or simply a new e-mail address: Please keep your personal information up to date. Under "Personal data" in your Valuers Corner, you can make changes to your details at any time.

Take a look right now and check whether your data is up to date:

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Katharina Henneberg
HypZert MLV

HypZert MLV: Training Course Determination of Mortgage Lending Valuation

A few weeks ago, 15 valuers from the UK, France, Poland, the Netherlands and the United States came to Berlin to learn about the determination of MLVs. We are very happy to see a still growing interest in becoming a HypZert valuer in many countries and look forward to see them again for the second round in May.

HypZert Regional Groups

The MLV Regional Groups in Amsterdam and Paris are preparing group meetings this spring. We are also looking into meetings in other regions, most probably London, Warsaw or Stockholm. We will keep you updated on any upcoming dates!

Nadine Roggendorf     For more information please contact
Nadine Roggendorf
Professional Groups
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HypZert Professional Groups: Valuation of hotel properties

The Professional Group Hospitality has completed the update of their study on the valuation of hotel properties. It is now available (in German) in the library in your Valuers Corner. A translation into English will follow soon.
We would like to thank the hard-working experts and members of our Professional Group for this comprehensive and informative piece of work: Matthias Dobrick, Helmut Keber, Heike Kemme, Ralf Lamprecht, Philipp Linder, Andreas Mayer, Christine Mayer, Prof Dr Werner Pauen and Ulrich Peters.

Peggy Seehaus     For more information please contact
Tanja Reiß
HypZert Cooperations
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Valuing Data: An IVSC Perspectives Paper

The IVSC has published a new Perspectives Paper on the topic of Data and Valuation, as part of their ongoing series on Intangible Assets. This paper explores the intricate valuation challenges and evolving significance of data as an intangible asset, examining the practical implications for valuation professionals, and considering the broader impacts on financial reporting and market practices.
This paper explores the intricate valuation challenges and evolving significance of data as an intangible asset, examining the practical implications for valuation professionals, and considering the broader impacts on financial reporting and market practices.

The paper provides a framework for understanding data valuation, offering insights into current methodologies and future considerations.

You can download a copy of the paper here →

Watch again: IVS Update webinar series

The IVSC hosted a webinar series during the first week of February, focusing on the latest updates to the International Valuation Standards (IVS). More than 1,600 attendees from around the world joined the webinars and heard directly from IVSC board members. The discussions offered comprehensive insights into the latest revisions, the motivations driving these changes, and their implications for the valuation profession.

For those who could not attend, IVSC invites you to watch the recordings available through the link below:

click here →

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RICS Focus event 2024 on 16/17 April in Berlin

RICS Focus 2024, an open real estate industry get-together, will take place in Berlin on 16 and 17 April. Numerous seminars, panel discussions and Q&A sessions will give you the opportunity for comprehensive insights into the market and targeted networking.

As a HypZert valuer, you can take part at the reduced participation fee of EUR 399 + EUR 7.95 fee (plus VAT) incl. evening event.

further information →
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